Spin Mop Replacement Pole | As seen on TV

Spin Mop Replacement Pole | As seen on TV

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Spin Mop Replacement Pole As seen on TV. The 360° Spinning Mop & Wringer As seen on TV takes the chore out of housework. The innovative design of the mop makes mopping easier, more hygienic and less of a drudgery. Unlike most traditional mops, the ergonomically designed Spin Mop is almost effortless to use. The ultra absorbent 360° rotating mop head and adjustable lightweight aluminium handle - it can be adjusted as you go to either 45°, 90° or 180° - makes it easy to reach the areas you need to clean, even the seemingly impossible. This mop can be used wet or dry and for an array of uses and on a variety of surfaces. You can use it to clean windows, your car, tiles, floor boards, under the lounge and much more! Draining and drying the mop couldn't be easier thanks to the drainer with a spin-dry operation. Simply place the mop into the drainer and pump the pedal on the side of the bucket with your foot to get it spinning - in almost no time, the mop is clean, dry and ready to use again or store away. No need to touch the mop and get your hands dirty - how good is that! Complete with a spare mop head and draining bucket with foot pump and handle, the 360° Spinning Mop is your hassle free multi-purpose cleaning solution. Buy it today at this great price before it flies out the door!!!

With this purchase order, you only receive the mop pole replacement.

PARTS OF THE SPIN MOP MOP MOPA 360 º. 2 pcs minimum purchase. Click here.



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