Tattoo Sleeves | Realistic Fake tatoo Sleeves

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Tattoo Sleeves | Realistic Fake tatoo Sleeves
Our tattoo sleeves are made from a breathable, durable, skin tight urethene elastic fibre, 92% Nylon + 8% Spandex, individually printed with an authentic looking design to give that skin tight tattoo design effect.They are best worn with the top of them just hidden under your shirt sleeve and you can hide the wrist end of the sleeve with a watch or any type of wristband.It is best to wear them with the seam on the inside of your arm. UV Protection during summer and they keep you warm in winter.The tattoo sleeves are cold water washable and best left flat to dry. Do not iron and do not use any strong detergents.
Exhibitor Point of Sale: 32 units.

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