Venus Fly Trap

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Discover our new and hilarious way of catching bugs: The flesh-eating Plant. No more flies and mosquitos “bugging” you with this Venus Fly Trap.
Flesh-eating plants are real, and we have them! Would you like something special in your home and at the same time get rid of pesky flies and mosquitos? No more needing a fly swatter or mosquito spray. This plant eats anything that comes near him . It’s sounds kind of dangerous but it’s really not. You don’t have to be afraid your pets will get eaten. The plant can’t get big enough to eat you, and would rather choose flies. You can see it as a creative way to get rid of flies. We do have to tell you, you don’t get the plant completely ready. You do have to grow it yourself. But that’s the fun thing about plans, to follow the process from seed to plant. It’ll take about 4 to 6 weeks for the plant to be fully grown.
Fun for inside or outside. So you will have all the ingredients at home to grow your own Flesh-eating Plant! Good luck!

Features Venus Fly Trap:

  • Flesh-eating Plant

  • Grow your own fly swatter

  • Including a mini terracotta pot and seeds

  • Suitable for inside and outside


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