WC Toilette Mug

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Now who was it that said that only dogs can drink out of the toilet?  Now we humans can drink and even eat from the bowl with the Toilet Mug. For your small alcoholic drinks, you can drink shots out of the Toilet Bowl Shot Glasses; but for everything else, you’ve got this mug right here. Imagine getting drunk from shots with the Toilet Bowl Shot Glasses the night before and drinking your morning after coffee in this mug. (Also imagine those few hours or so that you spent in front of your real toilet bowl spewing out your guts because you had way too much to drink.) Toilet-tastic!.  You can even use it to hold your candy. How about that?

    •    A Toilet Bowl shaped ceramic coffee mug
    •    This is a ceramic product
    •    Toilet shaped coffee mug
    •    Dishwasher Safe
    •    This product does not carry an extended warranty

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