Giant Newton Cradle

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The giant Newton’s Cradle, an implementation of Newton’s Cradle is based on Newton´s gravity law. This is a nature law that describes the attraction between the different physical bodies. Why the Giant Newton’s Cradle works, has everything to do with the gravity on earth. We can go very deeply into this topic and use all kinds of difficult scientific terms. But, to me it seems the best to keep it simple and easy! To explain and make tangible this gravity law, Newton developed the Newton’s cradle, that explains in a blink of an eye, what this law is all about.

The Newton’s Cradle exists of a plateau, consisting of two racks. From these racks, little threads are strung down that contain a metal little ball. The Giant Newton’s Cradle has five balls. Let one ball tap against the row of balls, then on the other side another ball will bounce back also. They will keep on bouncing back and forth for a while, unless you stop them yourself. Let two balls on one side bounce against the row, then on the other side also two balls will bounce against the row. But what happens, if you bounce three balls against the rest of the row? Since there are only five balls in total. The most inner ball will add itself during the bouncing with the other two balls and will bounce back. This way, this ball belongs to both the left and right row of balls. Always the same amount of balls are bouncing back and forth. A very interesting topic when you go into it more in depth.


  • Implementation of Newton’s Cradle
  • Five balls
  • Measurements: 15 x 14 x 14 cm
  • Material: Steel

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