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Fast Chop | as seen on TV. Chopping vegetables with a knife can take forever! Electric processors can take forever just to put together. Well now you'll never have to go through that again. The Fast Chop is the fast easy way to chop mince slice and dice with just a tap. Place your favorite vegetables under the Fast Chop give it a tap and you can have finely shredded cabbage for delicious Coleslaw. Tap again and chop celery and carrots in an instance for a tasty stir-fry even a potato for one-tap home fries that the kids will love. Everybody knows garlic can be a pain to chop but not anymore with Fast Chop you can even leave the peel on. Just give it a tap remove the peel and you're left with fresh garlic. Peeled chopped and ready to use. Just tap the Fast Chopper twice for onions for a burger tap again and you have diced onions great for soups or stews tap again and enjoy finely minced onions with no tears an ideal topping for chili. Fast Chop is faster than a knife and easier than a processor. When you're done just run it under the faucet. It's perfect for Pecans Almonds and Walnuts. It's even strong enough to crush ice!






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