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Ecobag Dishwasher | As seen on TV.

The Ecobag for Dishwasher replaces the detergent and rinse aid in your dishwasher. Simply load the dishwasher as usual and then place the bag inside the dishwasher, select the desired program and leave to wash! When the cycle has completed just leave the bag to dry ready for use the next time you put the dishwasher on - it couldn't be simpler. Just think of the money you could save each year if you didn't have to use dishwasher tablets or rinse aid!

This little Eco bag lasts for up to 1,000 loads which will save you money. You are also helping the environment as there are no pollutants, as you would get when using the conventional detergents which contain phosphates and other chemical products that can damage your dishwasher and pollute the water. Inside each Ecobag, there are hundreds of small ceramic spheres that generate negative ions when they are agitated by water. These negative ions reduce the surface tension of water (just like conventional detergents do). These ionized water molecules penetrate inside dirt particles so they are easily removed from your dishes. The ceramic spheres in the Eco Bag also generate antibacterial power of up to 98%. This sterilizes the water by eliminating the pathogenic germs and bad odors from the dishwasher.







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