Dryer Balls As seen on TV

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Dryer Balls As seen on TV
The Dryer balls - As seen on TV act together in the washer managing to improve the drying process of your clothes by achieving a softening effect and fewer wrinkles, with no need of chemical products. The ecological Dryer Balls have different levels of tension resistance (one is harder than the other one) and different forms of nodes to soften the clothes. The two Dryer balls have been designed to make them work together, in order to raise and to separate the garments and helping to dry them instantly. The Dryer Balls also preserve the heat and transfer it to your clothes, helping in this way in the drying process.
With these Dryer balls there is no need of using a softener. Their nodes are specifically designed to physically break the rigidity of the fibers, usually created during the washing and drying process. Due to this, your clothes will be totally soft without the introduction of chemical and toxic substances.
The Dryer balls have been scientifically tested (according to the procedure of ISO) in an independent laboratory for clothing and textile, proving that:
 - Perceptibly, the fabrics are softened.
 - These reduce the time of the drying process up to a 25 %.
 - Reduce the wrinkles of your clothes.
 - Help to avoid loose threats and fluffs on clothes.



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