Kitchen Knives Briefcase 13pz As seen on TV

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Kitchen Knives Briefcase 13pz As seen on TV. Split, chop, slice ... Although do not be a great chef, this set of knives will not work can resist. Six knives, scissors and a sharpener, presented in a stylish case, completes this essential equipment in your kitchen. The stainless steel leaves and Bakelite handles make them their high quality knives are designed to last. And thanks to the sharpener that incorporates the game, you can always have them ready. In total, 12 pieces of knives and accessories made with top quality steel. Unbeatable court.

Kitchen Knives Briefcase 13pz As seen on TV  :

-Includes 12 pieces made ​​of stainless steel & Case carrying knives.
-Stainless Steel.
-Bakelite handles.
-Leaf  piece.

Excellent presentation:
1 large kitchen knife, 1 ham knife, 1 knife to cut bread, 1 boning knife, a fillet knife, 1 knife for cutting cheese, 1 knife for cutting vegetables, 1 large carving fork, 1 Cheira, 1 ax to cut meat, 1 kitchen shears, scissors to cut a chicken, All parts are kept in a great bag.



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