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Ceramic Slice Knife As seen on TV. You don´t have to look for a sharp knife in your kitchen anymore! With the new Ceramic Slice As seen on TV there is no need to sharpen blades anymore, thanks to the powerful ceramic blade that will cut all kinds of food easily. It is made of high quality ceramic, has all the properties of resistance of ceramic, and also it is antimicrobial so keep proper hygiene. It is made of natural and organic ceramic materials. Another advantage of the Ceramic Slice As seen on TV is that never rusts and you can wash it in the dishwasher as many times as you want. A knife for life! Santoku design is ideal for precision cutting and thin slicing.

With the new Ceramic Knife Ceramic Slice As seen on TV You will receive:
- Ceramic Knife As seen on TV
- Free Gift! You will receive a ceramic peeler.

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