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Besides shedding water from greens, this unique spinner allows you to slice, chop, cut veggies right into your salad. Built-in mandoline lid for cutting, chopping, slicing, grating, julienne slicing. Chop, cut and grate veggie & cheese directly into bowl. 7 interchangeable blades included. Easy to rotate handle makes spinning effortless, and includes a quick stop button. The bowl capacity is 4,7L.
How to use the:
Salad spinner

  • Rinse greens in strainer basket
  • Place strainer basket in serving bowl
  • With spinner lid on the bowl, turn the handle until strainer basket is spinning
  • To stop the spinner, press the stop button
  • Remove basket and put excess water out of the serving bowl
  • Serve dried greens right in the serving bowl
  • Use mandoline lid to grate right into serving bowl

Mandoline Lid:

  • Place mandoline lid on serving bowl with strainer basket inside
  • Place blade holder on the mandoline lid then pop-in desired blade into blade holder
  • Use food holder to push food down and hold it in place


  • Remove blade holder from mandoline lid then instert chopping top vertically
  • Insert desired chopping blade
  • Place the item to be cut in the center of the cutting blade with a flat side facing down
  • Press down with 2 hands on the surface to push the chopping top


  • To clean the spinner lid, wipe clean with a damp cloth
  • Do not sumerge in water or rinse under running water
  • Hand washing is recommended

This set includes:
Serving bowl, strainer basket, easy turn handle, spinner lid, softgrip chopping top, mandoline lid, food holder, blade holder, straight slicing blade, chopping blade, fine grating blade, fine julienne blade.

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