9 Minute Electric Vacuum Food Marinator As Seen On TV

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9 Minute Electric Vacuum Food Marinator, As Seen On TV. Turn overnight marinating into just 9 minutes! The 9 Minute Marinator is based on a food preparation system that commercial meat processors and restaurants have used for years to tenderise meats. The marinator is one of the first electrical home appliances that uses the same process at a price that is affordable. Air is extracted from the 9 Minute Marinator tumbler to create a vacuum. The rotation together with the vacuum causes the muscle fibres of the various foods to open up, allowing the marinade to penetrate the meat thoroughly.

The result is moist, plump and flavourful foods in just 9 minutes (less for fish). The 9 Minute Marinator has a large capacity canister for large cuts of meat, whole chickens, racks of ribs and turkey breasts etc. It can also be used to marinate vegetables, salads and desserts! Food is tenderised in less time, with less mess and waste. The marinator system also allows you to store food items and extend their shelf-life by several days. Comes complete with Marinator Power Base, 4L Canister & Lid, Pump and Tenderiser Plate.


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