Defrost Board

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The cuisine changes daily pace with the times, and with it the most practical solutions are prevalent. Whenever you consume more frozen foods maintain their quality and enable people can reconcile a good labor supply with a frenetic pace. Normally the use of microwave cooking causes unwanted or dehydration of foods. For those who have not had time to thaw naturally their food the day before the meal to born a revolutionary new material that shortens the defrost time considerably and gives us life and good nutrition. With this material we have developed a series of trays applied to the kitchen to thaw food faster and naturally, based on a universal physical principle, the heat transfer.
This alloy has thermal superconducting properties, both cold and heat, so that if we place upon it any frozen food, this will thaw 3 to 4 times faster than it would take to do so. For example, on a ceramic plate. The thermal conductivity of the alloy used in our plate is approximately: 231 W / (mk) = 231 J / s mC

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