Aluminium Scooter Just Start

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Aluminium Scooter Just Start As seen on TV. Offering a fast and fun ride when you're on the go, the Scooter Just Start with handlebar boasts a sturdy yet lightweight aluminum frame. Ideal for a speedy commute, a trip around town, or fun at the park, the Scooter Just Start adjustable telescoping handles can be moved up or down to fit different sized riders. Thanks to an innovative folding system it is easy to store and transport the Scooter. The Scooter Just Start is a fast, fun, and convenient ride for older children and adult riders. The Scooter Just Start provides a superior and fast ride for users on the go. With fast wheels and lightweight durable frame, the Scooter Just Start is designed for a speedy commute or a trip around town. Perfect for users that need to get there in a hurry, get anywhere and everwhere easily with the Scooter Just Start with handlebar!

  • Base 60 cm
  • Handlebar Max height 80cm




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