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Vibrating  Platform Acu Massage As Seen on TV is a product for health care, high technology, with three functional characteristics:
With the high frequency spiral vibration, this machine can help clean up waste deposited on the walls of blood vessels, stimulating a constant cleaning effect of the blood. The action is similar to a dip but within the blood vessels, which facilitates blood circulation.
Incorporating high-frequency and magnetism stimulates blood circulation and the body's energy. A strong body circulation and no way obstructed is a body that can obtain optimum health, if blood flow is obstructed and blocked energy pathways, the result of disease state may be manifested by symptoms very serious.
When the blood flows freely, cleansing the body and delivers nutrients to all parts of the body, then the state of good health brings relaxation, well being and quality of life.
With Vibrating  Platform Acu Massage As Seen on TV, in just a few minutes each day will be able to forget the sore feet, back and neck. Fully stimulate the nervous system.
Symptoms for which recommended the Acu Massage Vibration Plate  As seen on TV:
Hemorrhoids, Obesity, Cosmetic, constipation, insomnia, shoulder and back pain, coronary heart disease, hypertension, chronic gastritis, inflammation of the trachea, hip and leg pain, diabetes, menopausal syndrome, prostatic hyperplasia, inactivity.



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