ABDO Trainer Twist | As seen on TV

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Buy ABDO Trainer Twist | As seen on TV. Now it can help you get tighter, sexier abs in as little as just 5 minutes each day. Now ABDO Trainer Twist can also twist left and right to give you a full motion workout for your abs.
It is easy to use. If you can rock in a rocking chair, then you can use the ABDO Trainer Twist to tighten your midsection and lose inches off your waist. Simply release the twister pin and you can twist side to side to workout out your obliques and blast away your love handles.
It provides one of the most complete ab workouts for a compact device.
The secret is the exercise efficiency technology that is used. It provides resistance on the way down and also on the way back up. This provides double the impact in half the time.
Plus with the ABDO Trainer Twist , your don’t have to worry about straining your neck and back in order to get great abs. The back rest will support your head and neck as you rock back in order to minimize straining. The pack includes a pair of upper bands.



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