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Tanning SOLAC Air Perfection Bronze As seen on TV. Solac offers you the revolutionary Air Perfection Bronze spray tanning lotion directly onto the skin without the need to extend 
 hand. The result is consistent, spectacular. You can wear a beautiful all-natural tanning effect at any time without suffering the effects of sunlight. 

Characteristics of Air Perfection Bronze Tan SOLAC As seen on TV:

Self-tanning lotion applicator system with professional results. Homogeneous and uniform tan: Spray the micro-pulverizing self-tanning lotion on the skin. Face and Body: 2 speeds. 
 Fast: tan in one application. 
 Healthy: sunless tanning, avoid its harmful effects on the skin. 
 With and without cable. 
 Rechargeable: 60 min of autonomy. 
 Suitable for all skin types. 
 Universal: can be used with any lotion liquid market. 
 Deposit Rechargeable Lotion: 60 ml. 
 Accessories: charger, latex gloves, goggles, nose protector, blanking, tank cover, protective splash. 
 Gift: self-tanning lotion 150 ml., natural color.

Results Tan SOLAC Bronze Air Perfection As seen on TV:

The tan will appear within hours of having applied lotion. The time and the tone depends on the lotion used. 
Is advisable not to wash the treated area until the time necessary to serve the lotion. 
If you enhance your tan or correct any area less tan, reapply. For a second application, wait at least 1 day. 
 have to let the product dry (10 min) and apply moisturizer on the treated area. 
 To check if the lotion has dried, gently touching the skin with the back of the hand. 

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