Copy Cat Handheld Document Scanner

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Ion Copy Cat is a handheld portable scanner you can use to capture books, papers, photos and other documents. Compact and high-resolution scanning device offers variable resolutions up to 600 dpi and save files on a memory card included, making it compatible with a wide range of devices and can store thousands of pages scanned.

The portable scanner also has a USB cable so you can connect to your PC for easy file transfer to your Mac or PC. With a compact and portable, Ion Copycat Mikii is also a perfect companion for your iPad. Just connect your iPad portable scanner with an Apple iPad USB Adapter * and you are ready to transfer their scanned books, photos or documents!

The handheld scanner comes with software for optical character recognition, which allows your computer to transform scanned words into editable text. Transform all kinds of pages, pictures, books and documents in the digital realm with the Ion Copycat Handheld Scanner.


  • Handheld scanner for books, photos and other documents
  • Color scanning and high resolution JPEG at 600dpi
  • Resolution options in color, black and white
  • Includes OCR software to text converter
  • Automatic compensation of motion blur
  • Powered by two AA batteries for more than 200 pages
  • Includes carry bag

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