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Digital Video Memo | As seen on TV. It may not be the greatest advance in technology, but is an excellent alternative to the messages that are used to leave home, office or somewhere else. The Digital Video Memo allows you to leave virtual messages and you can even use it as a fridge magnet! How many times have we left a message on the monitor screen, or on the phone which has been misunderstood? For people that are used to leave post-its this product is a great alternative.
The Digital Video Memo records up to 30 seconds of video. Place on any metal surface with this convenient magnetic back. It´s a brilliant gift for all people out there aged 10 to 110. Have fun leaving weird and wonderful messages to friends and family. It's so easy to use, you will have fun leaving ever more hilarious messages for your flatmates or partner. Whether you just want to say 'I Love You' or 'I've used the last of the milk,' this awesome Digital Video Memo will make leaving messages more simple!

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