Portable Air Conditioning

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Function: Handheld air condition 

Material: ABS 
Cools the air. Cools you. Anywhere 
High quality wood pulp as absorbent cotton sponge, can be used repeatedly up to one year (It? better to dry out after using and keep clean) 

Working effect: 
- For example: In a place where it is 110 Degrees Fahrenheit, and 10% relative humidity,the device will cool the air by 27 Degrees Fahrenheit, which equates to an output air temputer of 83 Degrees Fahrenheit. 
Especially, you can sprinkle your own aromatherapy oil on the cooling filte for a scented breeze. Drip a few drops of essential oils(not included) on the surface of the filter after soaking it wet. Washing thoroughly after use. 

Power supply: 
- 4 x AAA batteries (Not included) 
- Instead of batteries,the USB port on a computer can be used to be the power of the air condition 
This product provides several colors for selecting: Blue, Pink and Black. Please write down your preferred choice at checkout.

Dimensions(L x W x D): 168 x 84 x 55 mm
Product weight: 250g

Package weight: 370g

Accessories: 1 x User Manual 
1 x Small Plastic Bottle 
1 x USB Cable

Operational Guidance:
1. Product is not waterproof products, sponge should be removed with water after the addition of water. Direct injection can not prevent water from entering the internal damage to the machine 
2. To fill the sponge is not dripping humidity prevail. If too much can be wrung out and then flooding into the internal machine 
3. Product is not resistant to high-altitude drops, use note 
4. Recommend after you done using a sponge to dry sponge, so as to avoid the breeding of bacteria and odors.

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