Touch Screen Stylus iNail

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Buy Touch Screen Stylus i-Nail. The Touch Screen Stylus Pen is shaped like a nail! If you’re all fingers and thumbs when trying to use your iPhone, or perhaps you need to do more accurate work on your iPad, this digital stylus i-Nail will be nimbler than your fingers and will not leave you with greasy fingerprints on your screen either. A excellent stocking filler, Secret Santa of Birthday gift for anyone with a touch screen phone or device, including the DS games console, phones and PDA's! Made of electro conductive rubber, it mimics the natural conductive qualities of the human finger.


  • A i-Nail stylus for touch screen devices
  • Use with your iPod, iPad, iPhone, iTouch, DS Games Consoles and more!
  • Measures approx 10.4 cm
  • Made of electro conductive rubber

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