Iberican Ham of Jabugo Delizius Deluxe with Iberian Sausages

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Iberian Ham of Jabugo Delizius Deluxe, with a special set of Iberian sausages: pork sausage, spiced sausage, black pudding and soft spicy sausage.

The Iberian Ham of Jabugo is the result of a ham tradition in a town where during the last centuries, the ham has been the center of all customs. Besides, the town of Jabugo (Huelva - Spain) is uniquely located in an area between the “Parque Natural Sierra de Aracena” and “Picos de Aroche”, and is highly dominated by holm oak forests, corks and oaks. A fact that must be mentioned is the exceptional climate, which is mostly helpful for curing the ham of Jabugo, with long, cold winters and extremely dry summers. The heat of the day gives way to cool nights, as a result, the appreciation of the aromas of the dehydration of the hams is highly noticeable. This special and exclusive climate of Sierra de Huelva is the key ingredient to this ham of Jabugo.

The Iberian ham of Jabugo is internationally renowned and highly appreciated by the gourmet and delicatessen sector worldwide. The ancient ritual process followed in the procedure of the Iberian Hams of Jabugo is a distinguishable factor over other types of hams on the market, reaching sometimes the time limit of four years since the animal is sacrificed, to achieve a real Iberian ham of Jabugo. Unlike Serrano or white hams, the Iberian hams come from Iberian pigs, reared totally free and fed with natural fodder.

The lot contains:

1 Iberian ham of JABUGO  (Seleccione peso)

1 Seasoned Pork sausage of 250 g.

1 Spiced sausage of 250 g.

1 Iberian spicy pork sausage 250 g.

1 Iberian black pudding 250 g. 

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