Solar lamp, Solar Garden Light (Pack 2) As seen on TV

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Solar lamp, Solar Garden Light (Pack 2) As seen on TV. These Solar Lights are loaded with sunlight and at dusk automatically turn offering a very warm and pleasant light. Ideal for outdoor spaces, tables, garden, terrace, etc. They have approximately 8 hours of light., when fully charged. The solar cell, integrated into the top of the lamp, charging the internal batteries with daylight from the sun. The integrated solar lamp lights up automatically when darkness low, the internal battery power By providing the light. The light is generated by 2 light emitting diodes (LED) bright, ensuring a relatively high brightness with low power consumption and long life. During the daytime, garden light turns off automatically.
- Ideal for areas where electricity is not available.
- Eco-Friendly, green light
- Lights at night, is recharged during the day
- 2-5 hours of sunlight are sufficient for 8 hours of light
- The batteries are loaded in the sun by the solar panel
- Can be installed anywhere.
- Safe and weather-resistant.

The box comes with 2 units of solar lamp, Solar Garden Light As seen on TV.

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