Folding Electric Clothes Dry Baloon

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Buy Folding Electric Clother Dry Baloon.


  • Drying in constant temperature: 65 to 75 degree Celsius, circular flow, drying fast
Standard drying time: 60 minutes, saving energy up to 35%.
Automatic timer and fuse switch, safe operating is assured in case of nobody .

  • Wiping the odor of smelly damp clothes. 
Killing bacteria of clothes. 
Saving ironing time with high efficiency due to reduced creasing by keeping the clothes straight and smooth.
  • Innovative heating technology: PTC heating technology changes the traditional heating way.

  • Mini size but large capacity: maximum clothes capacity is up to 10kg per time .
Easy for carrying on and installation
Suitable for family or traveling purposes, anytime and anywhere
  • Strong and elegant bracket is equipped
  • Suitable for hotels, beauty salon laundry, school dormitory,...
  • Approximate height 160 cm. Jacket Color: White


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