Extendable and Magnetic LED Torch

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Buy Extendable and Magnetic LED Flashlight. Discover the most useful and versatile flashlight market: equipped with 2 magnets (one on the handle end and the other at the head of the flashlight), extensible, with 3 LED bulbs with 100.000 hours life.
It's an amazing extendable magnetic flashlight with 3 efficient LED bulbs. Its magnetic end is perfect for picking up objects from keys or pins, to boats higher your closets. Supports weights up to 1kg
Extendable handle 15 to 60 cm approximately with which you can reach things easily accessible to your hands.
It is ideal for electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and any activity that requires the use of accessories or metallic materials. Never more will have to crouch to catch fasteners, keys, or small tools.
The Extendable Magnetic LED Flashlight has in his head a LED light system that will provide the vision in extreme situations. Made of aluminum and very sturdy.

Works with 4 x LR44 Batteries.

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