Inshield Wiper Car Windows Cleaner

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The inShield Wiper As seen on TV is a revolutionary, patent pending tool that cleans the inside of your windscreen and back window more easily than any towel. The inShield Wiper is a microfibre pad that fits on the back of your hand to allow easier access to the sloping surface of your windscreen. No more dropping the towel or bending your wrist when cleaning. The inShield Wiper makes glass cleaning quick, easy, and comfortable.

This windows cleaner improves visibility and reduces glare on your windscreen by removing films and residues that are often hard to clean. By using microfibre cleaning pads, the inShield Wiper is able to clean glass to a streak-free shine. It Includes a silky microfibre pad and a heavy duty microfibre cleaning sponge for stubborn films. Use the yellow heavy duty pad with the glass cleaner of your choice and then use the blue silky pad dry to buff the glass to a clear, streak-free shine.

The inShield Wiper makes it a pleasure to clean your vehicle’s glass! It’s quick, easy, and effective to get clear, streak-free results with the inShield Wiper.

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