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Buy Hidro MopBest Zeller | As seen on TV. The Steam Mop H20 Ultra, is steam mop designed to clean and disinfect any type of flooring: ceramic, stone, linoleum, wood and parquet even a single pass! This device has the advantage of cleaning and disinfecting the floors of your home or business without need to use any kind of detergent which means saving money on one hand, and on the other hand, you avoid pollution of the environment and water pollution. The Steam Mop H20 Ultra has the ability to clean areas of your home such as bathrooms, kitchen, oven, toys, carpet, blinds and even your pets sleeping place. You reduce the time you invest in the daily cleaning of your home.
The Steam Hidro Mop 3 in 1 Best Zeller with integrated vaporizer is designed not only for a thorough cleaning of floors, including ceramic floors, marble, stone, linoleum, varnished wood and parquet, if not for a full clinical clean home. The Hidro Mop 3 in 1 Best Zeller deodorizes, sanitizes and increases cleaning power of water by vapor. It also uses microfiber cloths for floors to maximize the effectiveness. Soil, dirt and grime are removed in seconds, the steam cleaner is the most powerful steam cleaner on the market. Simply detach the steam generator based on the Steam Mop H20 Ultra and it becomes a powerful handheld steam cleaner. Remove the dirt and grease in ovens, disinfect children's toys, destroy the dirt between taps and tiles and to clean the blinds and curtains. Connect it again and add the slider becomes a carpet cleaner.


  • Power: 1500 w
  • Tank Capacity: 700 ml

The pack includes:

  • 1 x Short Jet Nozzle for Hand-Held Steamer
  • 1 x Measuring Cup
  • 1 x Glider
  • 2 x Microfiber Cloth Pads
  • 1 x Manual


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