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Introducing the Best Zeller Spin & Mop without pedal with double spin and detergent dispenser As seen on TV. Its use is very simple as to wring the mop so simply enter in your mop bucket and actuating handle it with a little pressure. Within seconds the mop rotates 360º with centrifugal force (like a washer) to leave water completely free of the head. Your mop is 100% drained and dry without any other effort.
The Spin & Mop Mop Best Zeller 3rd generation is the perfect cleaning product, thanks to its ergonomic design and ultra light weight.
The reason for creating these products is convenience to housewives, the task of cleaning the home.
Perfect for cleaning all types of surfaces and if used dry, soft and ultra fine microfibers help you dusting all surfaces. Forget your backaches and acquires and Best Zeller Spin & Mop without pedal with double spin


  • Automatically slips effortlessly
  • Automatic rinsing
  • Dry and ready in seconds
  • Detergent Dispenser
  • Easy Clean twist 360 º
  • New model without pedal, double rotor
  • Include: Cube, stick mop and microfiber mop.

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