Microfibre Glove (2Pcs)

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Buy Microfibre Glove (2Pcs) at wholesale price. The Microfibre Glove is your ideal companion during your cleaning chores. You can use the Microfibre Glove to clean any type of surface of your car or home. The Microfibre Glove cleans without chemicals. You'll only need water to clean with the Microfibre Glove. The Microfibre Glove is made of a material that attracts dust through static electricity so it doesn't fall again. The Microfibre Glove is highly absorbent thanks to microfibre. The Microfibre Glove cleans like magic. The Microfibre Glove cleans and disinfects in one go to remove germs and bacteria. You'll save time with the Microfibre Glove as it cleans quickly and effectively.

The Microfibre Glove can clean uneven surfaces such as computer keyboards with no effort. With a regular glove you couldn't reach all the corners! The Microfibre Glove leaves your windows spotless in just one go. Your furniture too will be perfectly clean thanks to the Microfibre Glove, which cleans in depth and can reach even the most difficult corners. On top of that, the Microfibre Glove is great for cleaning your car. You'll have excellent results both inside and outside the vehicle (dashboard, windscreen...). Take this offer and buy the Microfibre Glove now at the best price!

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