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Meet the BATAMANTA | Blanket with sleeves or arms As seen on TV. It is a very comfortable and warm Batamanta with two arms, which enables you to use your hands to do anything while you're covered. It is ideal for gifts at any time, no one expected such a gift. When it is cold there is nothing better than being warm at home reading, with the computer, quietly on the couch. Up to now do anything while you were lying, covered with a blanket was too cumbersome and uncomfortable, and always had to take arms out and catch cold. That is over.
This type of Blanket also called Batamanta, is a mixture Sleeve (sleeves) and Blanket (blanket) in English, and was invented by a college student in the United States, tired of not being able to use their arms outside the blanket without cooling, asked his mother to sew a sleeve into a blanket. He soon realized that was before the invention of the century and began to market it.
BATAMANTA | Blanket with Sleeves or Arms As seen on TV  is made of a super soft fleece Fleece call, are machine washable.



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