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Cooling Eye Mask As seen on TV. Cool Operation: place the eye mask in cooler for 15 to 30mins, do not store inside freezer. Warm Operation: Place the eye mask under warm running water. Enjoy a relax spa session with this gel eye mask. Suitable for both cool and warm operation. Large coverage area help maximize cooling or warming effect.
-Can be use cool or warm
-Enjoy a relax spa session
-Large coverage area
-Clear pouch keep the mask clean at home or travel

Relaxing Glasses | Gel Mask | Glasses Relax Massagers Announced in TV is the best solution for relaxation, relief and comfort of your eyes. Has reached your fingertips relaxing innovative glasses to help alleviate that uncomfortable itch in your eyes when doing everyday situations such as reading a book, watch TV, or being in front of a computer ... They are perfect after a hard day work and help you to improve nearsightedness, its usage is so simple that it can use up the smallest of the house. Several functions: it accelerates the blood circulation around the eyes and prevents the increase in restriction of a visual wear. Relax your tired eyes helping to improve vision and pre-oxygenate skin tissue and stimulate the eye contour. Using it cold helps to lower fevers, include swelling, headaches, and itching ... And using it in hot lets you activate blood circulation, dispel cold and relieve fatigue and pain. With this innovative product you can finally sleep easy and not always feel the unbearable fatigue in your eyelids done without much trouble those activities that affect your eyesight.

Feel your eyes rested and ready to begin a new day with a new vision.
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