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Foot Massage Machine As seen on TV. This fantastic Foot Massage Machine As seen on TV uses intense vibration action to massage feet, calves, and even upper legs. The vibrating foot pad is covered with pressure points that stimulate and refresh! This machine is powerful enough to use even with shoes on, and will feel very intense on bare feet. Start by using for 5 minutes per session and build up to a maximum use time of 15 minutes per session whenever needed. You will feel the effects of the vibration massage throughout your body.The Foot Massage Machine As seen on TV is comfortably angled for sit down use. You can get the benefits of relaxing, deep tissue stimulation while you watch tv, read, knit - whatever! Keep a machine at the office for a mid-day rejuvenation. This powerful, reliable machine will provide you with years of refreshing, relaxing massage!

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