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Ozone Generator Vida 10 Refrigerator As seen on TV. Ozone is a highly reactive oxidant. The third atom is loosely attached and easily separates from the ozone molecule to combine with other substances such as odors germs, pollutants and etc. In air, or in a solution of water, o3 is capable of oxidizing most organic and inorganic compounds to inert oxides. Most toxic environmental pollutants commonly found in water bodies can be effectively neutralised with ozone treatment. Now ozone is becoming widely used to oxidize odors, pollution in air such as Cooking Odors, Pet Odors, Garbage Odors, Cigarette Smoke Odors, Mold and Mildew Odors in Basements, Fire Damage Odors, Water, etc. It reacts readily with any chemical compound, both organic and inorganic, that is present in a reduced state. Therefore, ozone acts highly 'corrosive' to any compound that can be oxidized.
Keeping food fresh and extending shelf life of fruits and vegetables is a common use of ozone in the industrial setting. Now, we are bringing this same technology to your home refrigerator. Introducing the Ozone Generator Vida 10 Refrigerator As seen on TV.  It neutralizes the harmful gases in the air, and your food is kept fresh for much longer time. Not only food is stored for longer time and better, it also removes odors. It has a chip that controls the air cycle on and off.

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