Relaxing Pad Cool and Heat

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Bags are the new way to relieve pain when and where you need it. Just squeeze the coin inside to activate the reaction "glass-melting". Within seconds the bag goes from room temperature to 54 ° C
The secret of the bag is a natural reaction temperature of glass melting. Reusable whenever you want. Do not heat in the microwave or store in the freezer without. Once cooled, for reuse simply enter it in boiling water so it is ready for use again. Within minutes you can use it again.
No fatty oils that stain clothes and body, without strong odors or annoying cables for around. This bag can be used anytime and anywhere. At home after a long day or outdoors after doing outdoor activities, even in the workplace.
Provides heat to 54 ° C of long duration.
Many patches and iron-based products reach such a high temperature that can burn. The heat radiating thermal bag and gradually over a long period of time, which is very comforting. Once the reaction temperature of the bag activates the natural liquid crystallizes in a soft malleable gel that conforms to body contours.
Use it once and repeat.

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