Bronceador BronzeDiet sin FPS 200ml

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Buy Sunscreen BronzeDiet without SPF 200ml. Ultra Fast Tanning emulsion Oil Free melanin activator without SPF, especially for sun or UVA lamps with a refreshing effect. 
Accelerates the production of melanocytes by up to 70% and its results can be seen from the first application. It is ideal for use directly on swarthy skins, activating the melanogenesis (tanning of the skin) as well as with normal and delicate skins once the melanocytes of the epidermis have been activated and the redness of the skin has disappeared.Cosmetic product for external use only. Not tested on animals. Keep out of the reach of children. Content 200 ml.

Recommendations: do not remain in the sun for long periods, even when using solar protection products, keep babies and young children out of direct sunlight. Excessive exposure to the sun is a serious health hazard. Apply before exposure to the sun. To maintain protection, frequently repeat the application of the product, especially after perspiring, bathing or drying oneself.

Instructions for use: Shake before use apply with a gentle massage until it is completely absorbed. After 15/30 minutes (depending on the type of skin), it is necessary to apply a product with a sunscreen factor for long periods of solar exposure. 

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