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Glitter Lamp As seen on TV. Bring sparkle and light to a room with the addition of this glitter lamp. The lamp features a sleek silver colored base and cap, between which rests the lamp’s glass globe. Silver glitter churns and floats through colored liquid once the lamp has reached the ideal temperature. An included bulb provides heat and illumination for the glitter’s whirling activity. If the lamp fails to heat up, the lamp may require a replacement refrigerator bulb. Avoid running or storing the glitter lamp in sunlight to preserve the fluids’ colors. As the lamp becomes very hot during operation, one should not touch it while operating and keep it out of the reach of small children. Likewise, do not shake, stir, or drop the lamp, particularly while hot. Breaking the globe’s seal by loosening the cap or bottle might upsets the lamp’s ability to work properly. It has a turn on / off switch through on the cable that leads the light bulb (E 27, 230 V, 40 W, 50 Hz) is included in the package.

Assorted colors: red, yellow and blue, assorted randomly based on our stock.



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