Electric Drying Rack (6bars)

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Electric Drying Rack As seen on TV. This free-standing Electric Drying Rack and towel warmer, adds luxury to your daily routines. Designed to get towels deliciously toasty, the rack also helps keep them dry and fresh, reducing the need for laundering and the overall presence of mildew. It runs without the use of oil or liquid and uses less energy than a typical light bulb. Warmrails can be running it 24 hours a day but includes a discreet on/off switch for when it is not needed.
The Electric Drying Rack is a large freestanding unit. Keeps your towels dry, warm, and fresh all year long. This will help turn your ordinary bathroom into the ultimate luxury, spa experience. It's energy efficient, using about the same power as your average light bulb. Really helps draw moisture away during the hot and humid months. Keeps your towels from smelling musty. Also helps eliminate mold and mildew growth. Quicker heat up time, more effective drying and no worrying about oils/liquids leaking from the unit. Great for drying delicate laundry, hand washables, swimsuits and warming baby blankets and bedding. Product reaches optimum temperature within 30-40 minutes, but you need a good 2-3 hours for the heat to build up in the fibers of the towels. Remember this is a low energy device; your towels will be warm, dry and fresh for each use (towels will not be hot like coming out of a tumble dryer).


  • Economic and ecological alternative to conventional dryers.
  • Has the same power a 100W light bulb.
  • Drying surface of  94 x 51 cm
  • It folds like a normal clothesline and little space.
  • The 6 aluminum bars produce a large drying surface.
  • Made of super lightweight aluminum.

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