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 Energy Saving Device Mister Plugins As seen on TV is a new electricity-saving device that not only saves about 25% or 30% of electricity, but also stabilizes the electrical flow, reducing the fluctuations that cause suffering and even damaged appliances. Mister Plugin electricity saver factor increases the electrical power using latest technology in the field of energy efficiency. With many companies striving to remain profitable in an increasingly competitive global market and with a new international focus on the need for energy conservation, imagine the savings and business opportunities available to you with this new invention that is proven to save upto 35% in electricity costs.

- Save energy efficiently
- Environmental conservancy
- Reduce electricity bills
- Easy to use and install
- Prolong the lifespan of appliance
- Stabilize electrical current
- Reduce electricity overheating
- Surge protection
- Fully compliant with safety standards
- Protects your Environment
- Prevent harmful electromagnetic waves
- Safe to use 24 hours a day all year round.

Energy Saving Device Mister Plugins As seen on TV electricity saver action improves the closer to the electric meter is placed (but not required). Depending on the number of appliances and total consumption, you can install one, two or more power saving Mister Plugins, for example in your garage, laundry room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc.

For Use in: Shops, homes, restaurants, offices, factories (single phase), etc.



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