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Ecological Laundry Ball Washer Ring | Gift Spotter As seen on TV.

The Ecological Laundry Ball no Detergent and Stain remover, is an unique and exclusive system, that is composed by small ceramic balls capable of cleaning, with no need of detergents or additives, allowing your clothes to remain protected and making its colors last for a longer time. The functionality of the Ecological Laundry Ball is based on the same components included in any conventional detergent, in this way, the Ecological Laundry Balls are able to alter the water's ionic properties and finalize its commitment. The ceramic balls generate negative ions and infrared radiation, which aid to activate its washing power by breaking the water's superficial tension. Therefore, the small dirt particles are eliminated, cleaning your laundry, and make it soft! There is no need to use detergents anymore!

The Ecological Laundry Ball is composed by three types of ceramic balls, where each of them provides a different effect in order to obtain an ideal wash:
 1 - Allows the alteration of the water's molecular structure to gain a better penetration on clothes.
 2 - They soften the dirt for its better elimination and they maintain the clothes smooth.
 3 - Better maintenance of the colors and of the elasticity of the most delicate clothes.

How to use:
Firstly, separate your white and colored clothes. Introduce the laundry into the washing machine, together with an Ecological Laundry Ball. For those washing machines which count with a superior load to 4 Kg, it is recommended for you to use 2 Ecological Laundry Balls. After placing them, choose the suitable program in the machine. The system works with cold and warm water (do not surpass 50 ºC). The use of softener is not necessary. In addition, if you expose the Ecological Laundry Ball to the Sun once a month, you can prolong its working life.


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